These two hiring are the best of the offseason. Two former Head Coaches that led their team to the Super Bowl less than 6 years ago (2008 Cardinals and 2009 Colts). Both are great offensive minds that have helped quarterbacks in the past, including future hall of famer Kurt Warner during the twilight of his career. Caldwell just recently helped Joe Flacco become the highestpaid quarterback in the NFL and also had been there with Peyton Manning in Indianapolis since 2001. These two will be able to make Jake Locker and Matthew Stafford look like all pros. The only downside to Caldwell's signing is that he has never really proven that he could actually lead anybody because the Colts were still Tony Dungy's players and his dismal 2012 campaign in which he failed to rally his team with the absence of Peyton Manning.

Grade for Caldwell: B+ (88%)
Grade for Whisenhunt: A (99.9%)

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